Canon XL2 Mini DV Digital Professional Camcorder Review

If you desire to create feature films, short films or any other project, than you need to have a camcorder that will provide you with the highest quality image and shooting features. Whether you’re a film student, professional videographer or a weekend filmmaker, I highly suggest going with a Mini DV Camcorder due to the fact that it will give you the filming flexibility you require, as well as an easy way to transfer your film to your computer. The Canon XL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder, Model: DM-XL2 has all of the features and technologies professional filmmakers require, and they have been placed within a user-friendly model that will allow novice filmmakers the ability to create high-quality films easily.

Main Product Features:

Users of this camera will have full control over each of the image settings, allowing you to fully-customize the look of every frame. With a with a progressive scan CCD that features 3x 1/3″ 800k technology you will be able to enjoy more pixels and higher image quality than nearly every other camcorder in this class.

You are able to take advance of one of the best frame rates within the industry, 50i and 25p. This will provide you with amazingly clear and vivid images, even during the most demanding scenes. There are two different formats in which are available, 16:9 and 4:3, which will provide you with the options to further customize the overall look of the images.

One of the coolest features within this mini DV camcorder is the Cine Look mode, which will give you a genuine cinematic-appearance, and when you place this feature with the 25p mode, you will have true film-like movies. You can adjust the various features to make every image unique. Some of these modes you are able to control is the noise reduction, gain, sharpness and coring, just to name a few.

The 20x zoom, will allow you to capture stunning images, even when you are far away from your shooting object. Because of this feature, shooting wildlife is dramatic and will provide you with a finished product that is true broadcast quality. You are able to add any XL video lens to this camera, and if you have the lens adapter, your choices expand to 60+ Canon EF lenses. And with the Optical Image Stabilization System, this camera will eliminate any type of motion blur or shakiness due to rough shooting locations or unstable hands. Because of this feature, this camera is deal for a SteadyCam shot when you do not have access to a SteadyCam.

You are able to upload your video directly to a hard disk through the IEEE1394 connector.

Product Price:

This high-quality mini DV camcorder has been priced so that amateur filmmakers and professional can both afford it. You will be able to find this broadcast-quality camcorder for an average price of only $4,000.