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Why Yahoo Will Never Catch Up to Google

Yahoo’s technology will never catch up to Google’s because it would involve changing much more than just their search.

A fundamental part of why Yahoo is inferior to Google is inherent in the websites’ intent and in the way they each sell advertising space. When the internet became commercialized, Yahoo was one of the leading websites on the web. Google was actually developed by two graduate students who wanted better search results when they used the internet. It is easy to remember a time when all you got was really irrelevant search results. This is because results came from the sites that had the most appearances of the searched key words. Programmers started to take advantage of this by putting invisible lines of code with repeating search words so that their websites would come up first in search results.

Google was the first to really focus on search. They developed an algorithm that is based on connections. Sites that are often visited and linked to from other sites are judged to be relevant. That is why Google searches come up with far better results than most others. What a lot of people don’t know is that before Google was created, the two students who created this algorithm offered to sell it to Yahoo. Yahoo declined. They weren’t interested in search because they are a portal. They want to provide people with in-house results and they weren’t concerned with people finding relevant results as long as they were part of their portal.

Of course, internet users quickly made Google the more popular of the two because Google allowed them to actually find what they were looking for. And since then, Yahoo along with other searches have tried to come up with a similar algorithm and to gain back some of the share they lost to Google. But since Yahoo is still very much a portal, results are biased towards their own site. They also sell advertising that can corrupt searches and pop up in your results. Google on the other hand, doesn’t allow sponsored links anywhere near your search results and you can see when you perform a search the Sponsored Links section at the top and side of the screen.

Advertisers, of course, love that Google makes their search results relevant to users as opposed to Yahoo’s use of irrelevant banner ads. Since more people use Google, advertisers are more likely to place ads there. So on top of already being better in the search game, they have higher and more consistent profit.

Try as they might, Yahoo is having a hard time creating a good search algorithm comparable to the one Google has had in place and been perfecting for years. In addition, even if they began using the exact same search algorithm, they would still just be playing catch up in an arena where Google is already king. They would have to offer the same and so much more for people to start switching. Google has proved that there are no other sites better for search.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo – a Classy Android Phone

Sony Ericsson has decided to break the shackles and go for the kill. It has introduced a new member in the XPERIA family – the absolutely glorious android mobile phone: the XPERIA Neo. The mobile phone reviews of the various international platforms are drooling over its features. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo review exquisitely remarks about the style the phone boasts about. The built of the Sony Ericsson is always a strong point in their favor, and the company does justice by making the phone sturdy, but with a sleek curvature and jaw dropping chrome-like finish, aimed to stop many breaths for few instants.

The phone has got an impressive internal memory of about 320 MB with a RAM capacity of 512 MB. But the first thing that would catch the attention, according to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo review, is its scintillating display. The phone has got a surface that is resistant to scratches, so it is a definite collection for the casual users. The keys are quite well placed, and along with the brilliant touchscreen, very user-friendly. The dimension of the touchscreen is roughly 4 inches. The LCD screen is a treat to the eyes with an advanced LED facility at the rear side.

Among the several mobile phone reviews of the handset, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo review tells about the excellent camera that the phone flaunts. It has got a strength of 8.1 megapixels which is quite impressive. The Led flash system is very smart along with the feature of auto focus with an integrated adjusting feature. It has also got the facility of video stabilizer that would attract several enthusiasts. The face detection feature is also another smart feature of the phone. The Gingerbread operating system of the phone with an Android platform is the primary platform that coordinates the advanced features of the mobile. The weight of the phone is, according to Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo review , about 126 grams. It is in no way bulky and this weight gives it exclusive resistance to damages caused due to casual handling. The phone is a treat for the music lovers too. Most of the audio files of various formats are playable and the mobile set has got an enviable play-time of a whopping 31 hours. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo deals are said to be quite competitive when put in the segment of high end mobile phones with android technology.