The Difference Between a Pet Vacuum and Regular Vacuum

If you’ve ever tried to use a regular vacuum cleaner to suck up pet hair, then you’ve probably noticed they do a very poor job. The pet hair that does get sucked up just seems to end up stuck in the vacuum head brush. This is because most vacuum cleaners work using a two-part mechanism that is not at all suited for cleaning up pet hair.

  1. As you push the vacuum cleaner over the carpet, the vacuum head brush stirs up debris in the carpet
  2. The debris that was stirred up is then sucked into the vacuum hose.

This two-part mechanism works well with most types of debris stuck in your carpet. However, with pet hair, it is not very efficient. Instead of stirring up the pet hairs so they can get sucked up, the vacuum brush can just tangle the pet hairs further into the carpet. The pet hair the vacuum does manage to suck up will often just get caught in the vacuum brush, where it is very difficult to get out.

To make sure that pet hair actually gets sucked up instead of just getting tangled into the carpet, pet vacuums have slightly altered designs. Some will come with attachments that use silicon brushes instead of the soft-bristle brushes on their heads. Other pet vacuums have modified spin brushes in which the debris is first sucked and then spun, rather than vice versa.

Along with the modified design, pet vacuums will also generally have more suction power, better filtration systems, and more features.

If you are looking for a pet vacuum, one of the best value for money options is theĀ bissell pet hair eraser.