The future of BlueTooth and Apple

Bluetooth technology has become common in cars, computers, and cell phones. Because of the success and popularity of Bluetooth technology, new innovation is being explored that encompasses Bluetooth technology. Most of the new ideas for the future of Bluetooth being explored by different companies and organizations will please the average consumer but a few may not. Some companies that are currently working with Bluetooth technology are Ericsson, Intel, Lenova, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and Toshiba. Since none of these companies want to give away valuable marketing information they usually do not comment specifically on what they have in the works for Bluetooth technology.

One new use of Bluetooth being worked on is environmental control. Bluetooth in certain locations could transfer information to your device telling it how to act in a specific location. For example, Bluetooth at schools could automatically turn cell phones to silent so they do not become disruptive. This idea sounds promising but some may question whether or not it invades the privacy of those with Bluetooth capable devices.

Another technology in the works is the ability to make simple transactions with Bluetooth such as checking into a hotel or withdrawing money from a bank account. The widespread incorporation of this would transform mobile phones into invaluable devices that could make your life much easier. The only drawback of this is the amount of security that would have to be involved. If someone stole your mobile phone they could gain access to your money, personal information, and whatever else may have been developed to work with Bluetooth via mobile phones.

An idea that has already been developed but is being expanded is the use of Bluetooth in advertising. In 2007 soft drink maker, Pepsi, began using Bluetooth in advertisements in locations such as bus stops and phone booths. Owners of Bluetooth enabled phones can go up to the advertisement and download a viral video clip onto their phones via Bluetooth. If other companies incorporate this into their advertising, you may soon be seeing this new advertising technique everywhere you go.

A new experiment using Bluetooth technology in the city of Bath in the UK may scare or anger some. Researchers from Bath University tracked the locations of Bluetooth users recently during a six month trial. If this technology becomes common, anyone with the proper equipment could track your whereabouts whenever you have a Bluetooth enabled device with you. Although this may be useful in tracking criminals or other dangerous people it could easily be used maliciously.

It looks like the future of Bluetooth technology is very promising. Hopefully, companies can use these ideas and the many other possibilities that are out there to develop products that can keep us safer, make our lives easier, and provide us with entertainment. If you want more information on Bluetooth technology you can visit

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